A letter to my ex:

You know what? I’m sure there are many people who hate their exes, despise the very bane of their existence, or would love to see them suffer. But today, I want to say thank you. Thank you for showing me that I am strong. Those times that I didn’t think I could go on without you, I still survived. Those times when I didn’t know where to turn, I turned to my word. Thank you for all the things that I allowed from you that eventually made me realize that you were just a man. A human. I accidentally found out that no one’s love is perfect except God’s, and that’s the biggest lesson that I value. See losing you, was where I found me. The beautiful creature that God himself created me to be. No longer needing the approval of others to be myself. No longer believing that a ring on my left hand validated me as a woman. You see what you’ve done? You pushed me toward my purpose in life. To inspire other women alike to know that their worth doesn’t lie in the adoration of their man. It lies in their relationship with Christ. Many may think that this is a sarcastic approach to get even with your attempt to bash me, but oh my dear I hope you know how sincere I am. Believe it or not, I still pray for you, because I once cared for you very deeply. I often pray that God will reveal who you really are, to yourself. And that one day he will change your heart to love again. If you only knew how much the ending of “us” has brought me so much closer to the King himself. He has made promises to me that no one can ever break, and I finally have experienced just how amazing his love is. The ending of us allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone, step out on faith and move on with my life nestled right next to my creator in a place where no one even knew my name. But he did. My name is beautiful, lovely, precious one, daughter, Mother… Nikita. Did you know that I am far more precious than rubies? Did you know? Well I am. I know now that I can no longer be bought. Not by fancy compliments, expensive gifts, or even a man’s best attempt to tell me how gorgeous he thinks I am. Thank you for teaching me how to love someone when everyone else wants me to hate them. Thank you for teaching me that my joy still remains when the fairytale ends. I finally have peace within, and nothing can change that. Not even your attempt to defame my name. You can no longer reach me with your hurtful words, for I am too far away. Experiencing the laughter of my children and loving the beauty in my smile. I am the King’s daughter and he knows exactly who he created me to be, an overcomer. I am resting in that. With his strength my weaknesses are covered, because with him I can do ALL things I am destined to do.

In all sincerity,
A butterfly.