The greatest love of all

These days people want relationship goals of cute pictures on social media, matching shoes and people “thinking” that they have the closest bond because they’re constantly updating their hundreds of friends via social media of every aspect of their relationship. Let me tell you something, those likes ain’t going to carry you through when all hell breaks loose in your home, only sincere and diligent prayer will. I’ve been there before so I can confidently speak to this. If you’re a Christian woman your goal in a relationship rather marriage or courting SHOULD be to have the man you’ve chosen to lead you closer to Christ. If you are a man, it should first be encouraging your mate’s relationship with Christ by the display of YOUR relationship with him then loving her so deeply that you want to see her praising God because you know that she will hold you up in prayer when things get tough for you. Christ loved the church. He adored her, he reverenced her. You should as well. Don’t attempt to tear her down or belittle her. Don’t take her love for granted.. Love her! Cherish her. Honor her and show her that you can protect her from the world. As women it’s our job to be in position to BE lead only after knowing that this Man is following Christ. I believe this should happen prior to marriage, during the courting stages. How else will you know how he will treat you after you say I do? If he’s leading you closer to his bedroom than the church doors, run! That’s lust honey, not love. Love isn’t rushed, it develops over time. Remember everyone in the church ain’t saved; wolves in sheep’s clothing do still exist. His character will be shown within the first few months of the relationship, believe all of what you see and less of what you hear or want to believe. Ask God for discernment and trust him when he speaks to you. Even if you don’t want to believe what you see unfolding in front of you, believe it anyway. It’s the truth. The longer you stay in an unhealthy relationship, the harder it is to leave. People can change their conversation, their appearance or their attitude temporarily, but they can’t change their character. That’s deeply engrained in them. They will show you who they are when they can’t get what they want from you. Pay attention and move on. There’s no one to blame, just a lesson learned. You just have to ask God to lead you going forward. Give it time however and first, let him heal your heart. Initially you will be vulnerable, you will be hurt, you will be so used to having someone there with you that you will feel lonely. Take your time. Learn yourself. Study his word; know who he has called you to be in HIM. Embrace your singleness; while allowing God to do a change in you. If and when you choose to date again, Ask him to guide your steps, guard your heart and allow him to bring someone into your life. Don’t search for them. Praying together, Devotionals, reading the bible together, sharing intimately and transparently of what God has done in your life and loving each other with true compassion and respect should be the Christian-based relationship goals.. Just ask my parents. I just want you to know that even if God sees fit to let it all end, you are not defeated. When you’re his child he won’t let you fail. Be encouraged and Remember 1 Cor 13:4-7 and don’t settle for less. God loves you too much for that. ❤️


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  1. Beautiful post! I love that talked about standards to have in regard to godly relationships. That inspired an idea for a post on my blog! I definitely can agree with God having to be present in any relationship for it to be fruitful and fulfilling. He is a provider and definitely gave us the greatest representation of true love. Thank you for this!

    Jasmine C.

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  2. I like this! I am glad you posted this. I’m glad I was able to read this. I think these are qualities that every mother and father should teach their young sons. I think the development of that kind of love begins at a young age, whether a single mom, a single dad, or even within a two parent household, the development of the greatest love of all can be nurtured from birth

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    1. Absolutely agree! Godly love and it’s priniciples should be taught at a young age so that they can express it throughout their lives to others. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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