God Set Me Free!!

He did. I was married at 21 to my first love, started a family shortly there after.. But life hit and the enemy THOUGHT he had a foothold in my life. By age 28, I had 3 children and no identity besides that of a being a Mother, Nurse and a young newly divorcee.. I was lost. I searched and searched to find myself and for the validation of others that I Nikita, mattered as a person. For 5 years I sought to find who I was in every area I thought I could.. I jumped from relationship to relationship, situation to situation seeking to find what I was missing in my life. Unwilling to water my own grass at home, but yet striving to find the greener, prettier, newer grass on the other side. But what I failed to realize is that what I needed was for God to live inside of me, like REALLY live inside of me so much that he could show me exactly who he created me to be. After I finally decided to truly give up my will for his, surrender to HIS plan and destroy my own, he showed me who God’s best was for me. The man that I married on August 31, 2002. The man that gave me 3 beautiful children. That man that NEVER gave up on our love. Even after I married and later divorced someone else. That man that was God’s very best for me. My Best Friend, my King… the person that occupies the very special place in my heart right beside that of where God is. The man that God himself has done a work in. My husband. So yes, #GodSetMeFree. Free from false validations, free from my own desire to be someone who I was not, free from depression, free from an identity crisis, and essentially.. Free from myself. I thank God for being so very gracious to keep his hand on my life and reveal the greatest blessing that he has ever given to me. Thank you for loving me babe. Always and forever. Now, it’s time to let God finish his work and raise these wonderfully amazing children of ours!!


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  1. This is beautiful! I love how transparent you are in your blogging. You are truly a light. Congrats on finding yourself and the love God has always had for you. Its a beautiful journey indeed.

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