Don’t ever forget your password: someone may need you to remember it. 

Hola! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged.. Seems like forever! Well 3 months lol! I’ve been busy moving, getting settled (Married! 😍) and such. So today, I was gonna write about something on my heart, (something deep) BUT then something unexpected happened: I couldn’t log in to my blog account! I forgot my password. Yikes! A couple weeks ago I had to delete all of my Apple products and start fresh because my phone was acting a fool.. And we’ll, I can’t have that! But what I forgot was that I was logged out of all of my apps as well and I didn’t write that info down. As I was attempting to login, I had like 5 failed attempts and became a bit frustrated.. Well maybe a lot frustrated. Then I sat there and thought about what in the world my username and password was and as I glanced at the info I had put in… I realized that it was spelled incorrectly, oops! I had to laugh at myself for a minute. 

This instance reminded me of how we sometimes do things in life, without thinking it through, fail, get frustrated, ready to throw a fit (judge me not) and then realize we’ve actually made a mistake and yes (gasp!) it was all our fault because we were rushing?! Hmmm. Well! This was yet another teaching moment for me, small but very relatable to life. Although I rushed, I mistakenly put the wrong password in, got frustrated and failed several times.. However, I STILL made it through! Hey! I’m not sure about you, but I personally can relate this to several situations I’ve been in before on this journey called life. In all aspects. And each and every time, although I thought that it was the end of the world (in all of my dramatic glory) it wasn’t! God was like, “Girl bye. Just slow down and let me handle it.” And guess what? After it was all over, the birds were still chirping, the flowers were still blooming, and God was STILL God! I have taken them all in, learned a few lessons, shared a few and was even able to laugh at myself, Loudly! 

Although forgetting my password was only a small mistake, I am adding this to my many, many, many “lessons in life” box to remember. When life seems like it’s hitting you hard because you may have made a mistake or several, now matter how huge (or small) stop, think about it, pray about it, let God do his work and THEN proceed. Eventually you will make it through (and maybe even have fun laughing at yourself 😉) no matter how hard it may seem, no matter how many times you may fail, and even if you become frustrated with yourself, don’t give up! There’s a testimony (or in my case a blog post) on the other side of your test! Other’s may need you to go through so that you can grow through it and share with them so that they can also experience his power in their own situations. So remember when you go through a situation such as this, stop, think and remind yourself of God’s word and don’t EVER forget your password: PRAYER! You’ll always get through to where you need to be with it. 


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  1. Amen! Love it! In this world of technology, its so trye to forget your password but in life its also so true because we sometimes forget that God is in control of ALL things. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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