Faith lesson #456828: Patience is a virtue. But Lord, can you hurry up?”

I had a humbling moment yesterday. Shortly after I posted about not asking God to change your situation, but rather for him to change you, I had a situation happen that didn’t go as planned for me…
How did I respond? Angrily! Ha! I immediately called my Husband and vented (said a few chose words to be honest) and quickly felt like a hypocrite because of what I posted 2 hours before. He wasn’t moved by my brat-fit, however. Not at all. One thing that he said that stuck with me was, “God will take you back to the same place that you messed up (or needed to learn a lesson from) many times until you get it right. Over and over again. He was right. After I got over myself, he reminded me that I am human and sometimes we fall short and respond emotionally.. And that’s ok as long as we understand that God is still in control, no matter our circumstance. 

Was that a faith check or what? I’m grateful for his headship and leading me back to my foundation. Although my faith in God is strong, hey I get weary too. 
I’m human and well, I can’t do this by myself because my feelings and flesh are weak alone. I mean, I could do it alone, but I’d rather not. I needed an accountability partner right then to say lovingly, “Nikita, quit tripping.. God’s got you!” When it was all over, we shared lunch and conversation and I felt so much better. Thank God for Husbands!
 So this morning while reflecting, I thought about how we tend to ask God for things, and although we pray for patience and all of that… we still secretly are feeling like “Ok God, I know you got this, but I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. Ahhhh, I don’t like this. So can you hurry up.. Please?!” Ha! Have you ever heard the saying, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”?? Well I’m sure he was cracking up at me yesterday all the while simultaneously comforting me through my Husband’s words. I thought that I had this patience thing down here recently, until yesterday. Dang! 
So faith lesson #456828 is, “Don’t rush God’s timing, there’s a lesson in his delay.” Basically I’m saying this: I don’t believe that God is moved nor upset when our faith wavers or when we have emotional fits… Not even for one moment. Just like my Husband knows me and how I can be.. he knows you, he loves you AND he also wants you to come to him to ask for help. And then rest, knowing that things are working them self out for YOUR good.
In the meantime of waiting on an answer to my prayer, I’ll remain faithful that’s it’s GOING to happen and enjoy where I am until it does. 
Blessings and hugs ❤️


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