“Enjoy the broccoli now, wait for your candy.”

Just as the rainy seasons occur so that the plants, trees and harvest will grow.. The same happens in our lives so that we can grow. God is very aware of our weaknesses, so he gives us people, places and situations to teach us the things that we will need later in life. There may be something that happened to you 10 years ago, last year or yesterday that will make you realize just how much he loved you because that wisdom helped you today. It may have been hard then and you may have felt as though your world was going to end… But it didn’t, and you’re here now to speak on it and (hopefully) you have learned from it. All pain has a purpose in God’s wonderful plan. Every single bit of it, because he loves us enough to discipline us. 

I’ve had situations happen where I thought, “God seriously?! Why this?” You know what? Sometimes he NEVER answered that question. Then I realized that obviously I was living outside of his will, and may have made some wrong choices. Years or even months later I realized it was necessary because I may have had that same test happen again, but this time I had a different option or response. Or it was just a life lesson to tuck away with the others. I’ve realized that they were needed for my growth in the future. We can not understand the mind of God, but we can rest and trust that he knows best. I don’t know why we try to figure him out, it’s exhausting to try to control what happens in life. So I’ve given up that task. 
Think about it like this, just as our children don’t understand why we give them broccoli instead of candy for dinner, we know that the candy will do no good for them and also that the candy has no nutritional value, but broccoli does. We need broccoli to grow, not candy. Right?Life may leave a nasty taste in your mouth, unlike candy that will taste sweet.. But we also know that everything that tastes good, sounds good or looks good is NOT good for us! People will treat us bad, people will talk about us, lie on us and be just plain ugly, but if I could tell my younger self anything, “I would say, “forgive them and just keep on living Nikki, eat this broccoli.. The candy is coming!” LOL! Ugly times in our lives are not always pleasant, but when we learn from them and thank God for them, we learn to appreciate them! Different seasons of life (good, bad, lonely or hurting) are just as necessary to our lives as earthly food is. So that we will grow. We need hard situations to change us, to better us.. not only the care-free, happy days. So I say, endure the rain, the storms, even the tornadoes.. (And eat your broccoli!) so that you will appreciate the sunshine and growth that much more! 
Blessings and hugs.❤️