Throw away the bandaid for good. Covered things do not heal. 

I’ve heard the saying, “Covered things do not heal” more times than I can count. In church, in Nursing school, in movies lol.. Too many times! But, it didn’t really click until I had some things happen personally that I could truly understood that saying. 

I read a story this morning about a beautiful young woman named Monica Butler Johnson. I don’t know her personally, but I know her story all too well. A beautiful, young, educated woman, a Mother, a Christian, a friend to many, seemingly happy… In an abusive marriage. She unfortunately is no longer here.. I am. I can still use my voice to educate about Domestic Violence although she can not. I thank God for the strength and courage to do so. Although I don’t know her, my heart ached for her and her precious babies. I prayed for them immediately; that God heal their hearts. I ask that you do the same. I’m sure it will be a long process, but God can do the unimaginable. 

If you’re in a similar situation, please seek help and get out. You are not the only one affected.
Often times, women enter into romantic relationships looking to fill a God-sized void with a person.. a human being that is incapable of doing so. Affection, attention, sex, money or the fantasy of “the perfect life” can never amount to who God can be in your life. Until we intentionally seek what it is in us that we lack and are attempting to gain, we can’t be healed. And we will continually run from situation to situation spinning our wheels like a hamster in a cage. Trying to fill voids over and over again..
Until one day you become tired, tired of the monotony and disappointment from temporary highs of false gratification. 

When I was finally tired of trying to figure life out on my own, worrying myself about how I was going to fix what had happened in my life.. I gave up. I gave up trying and that’s when I asked God to heal me. 
Completely. Thoroughly. Forever.
 I didn’t want to carry my life luggage anymore and I sure didn’t want to fail again at trying to fix it myself. One day I literally said out loud, “God what is it in me that seeks to be fulfilled by an earthly relationship that you can’t provide?” By reading, meditating and praying I came to know that everything that I wanted, he COULD provide. What a comfort to know that he is there for us emotionally, financially, and spiritually because he is omnipresent. Everywhere. And when I knew exactly who God created me to be, he gave me the man he created just for me. My hands were not in it at all, but God was all over it. 

Hopefully my story will help someone, that’s my only intention. Feel free to read my previous blog posts to read about my journey and how I’ve overcome with Christ.  I want you to remember this, if nothing else: 

Covered things do not heal. Most times Band aids are a temporary fix for a much deeper issue. And when they are not removed, ugly, nasty and terrible things can grow underneath (in your heart as well). Then they fester and create bigger problems in your life. The longer you wait, the worse it becomes.

What are the “band aides” in your life? Sex? Money? Attention seeking? False validation? The need to feel loved?Whatever it is, Jesus can heal you… If you let him. It’s time to take the bandaid off, throw it away and let him heal you from the inside out. Completely. 

Blessings and hugs ❤️