Beauty in hidden treasures. 

Our TV was damaged during the move to our new home. Instead of buying a new one, I decided that our bedroom didn’t need it. I found this framed scripture (I Corinthians 13:7-8) at Home Goods after hours of searching for wall hangings.. But it had no price tag. It was ratted, crumpled up and hidden underneath a bunch of stuff on the self. That in itself was a life lesson that I took in.
Although we may have been beat up by life and seemingly tossed away, it is at the opportune time that God will reveal his beautiful purpose for us after we are hidden away and later placed in a different environment. That’s when we will shine the brightest and our beauty will be displayed.
The cashier had to get her manager to help her, she said “Are you sure you want this? I don’t even know where it came from.. I don’t even think we can sell this, because there’s no price tag”. To which I replied, “I do want it, can you find out how much it is? It’s my favorite scripture and I have a special place I’d like to put it… I don’t care what it looks like”. Mind you, there were 4 people behind me in line, each one befuddled by my request, and yes even a bit annoyed. Yet still I was willing to wait. The cashier patiently smiled while I did.
Your bedroom should be one of peace, solitude and harmony. A sanctuary, especially if you are married. Nothing should be able to infiltrate that, not even the things that come across the television, in my opinion.
This picture serves as a daily reminder for us to always choose love, no matter what. It also reminds me that although our love has been through a lot, as long as we remember the true meaning of Godly love.. We gone be alright. ❤️