Use your true colors to paint the picture… even if it’s messy.

I saw a friends post today about how truth and vulnerability is better than a flawless picture. That couldn’t be more true. Social media only paints the picture with the colors that we choose to use or share. I understand everyone is not as willing to be as transparent as others, but how will they know that they can if we are covering up what is truly happening with us? As a introvert, I don’t like to be in big groups of people often, so this platform works best for me. Along with blogging, I can reach a mass of people from my bedroom lol. 

My passion and purpose in life is to truly help people, maybe that’s why I’m a nurse idk. But what I DO know is that this Black Super woman thing needs to die, so many times I feel like it almost killed me because I was dealing with so much, yet I was so afraid of who I could talk to about it. Trying to be too strong. Being a single Mother at one point, a divorcee, a Nurse and trying to hold on to the important relationships in my life.. But not taking care of my own. Emotionally. physically, spiritually.. I gave so much to everyone else, there was minimal left for myself. And that’s no way to live. I have a heart for young Women, struggling to find their place and how to get there.. Because I was one too. 
When you finally get to the point that you are physically, mentally and spiritually drained, and you decide to share, sometimes the cliche’s just fall out of people’s mouths routinely in our Black culture.. “All you gotta do is pray, pray, and pray some more, it will be ok.” Well intended I’m sure, but what if it doesn’t? What if God’s plan includes our suffering for a while? How do I make it through this, besides prayer of course? That’s what I remember thinking when I was there. How do I get through this loss, illness, divorce, depression or even the feeling of inadequacy as a mother because I’m working too much-if others aren’t willing to share how they got through? How is this really affecting me? And my children? It wasn’t very long ago that I was there, so I get it. I’m no better than anyone because life has changed.
I feel like we have to be more intentional with active solutions to help others with their problems instead of JUST telling them to talk to Jesus and “everything is gonna be alright.” Even if that means baring our soul so that their’s can heal too. Replacing the “I’m so sorry to hear that” with “What can I do to help you?” And really do it.
Blessings and hugs ❤️