Slow down, girl.

It’s raining today.

I take the same route to work each day. I know that it takes me 11 minutes to get to work, but if I don’t leave my house by 9:10, I’m late. Today my Husband called and warned me that since it was raining, I needed to be aware that the on-ramp to the highway by our house was flooded. To which I replied, “Well I guess I need to leave earlier, huh?” Welp, you guessed it, I didn’t. Imagine my panic when I got to the highway ramp bopping along to my Kirk Franklin and, *screech* the on-ramp was completely closed down! Hmmph! The nerve on those police officers, don’t they know that I have to be at work in 11 minutes?


So what did my self-proclaimed directionally challenged self do? Call my Husband of course. The conversation went a little something like this: “Hey babe, do you know that they completely closed down the on-ramp to the highway? I don’t know another way to get to work.” He then gave me an alternate route.. but in my head I was thinking “Why didn’t I just use my GPS? duh”. Well anywho, I ended the call as I was simultaneously punching in my work address, steering in the rain and trying not to panic looking at the clock. SO, I finally get it all together and suddenly I look up and there’s a stop light, I ran it! Only because I couldn’t stop soon enough being that it was raining AND I was distracted. I yelled, “Oh Jesus”. Thankfully no one was in the intersection, and there were no police cars in sight. *whew!* But the first thing I though about was, man if I were paying attention I would’ve seen the yellow light and slowed down before I called on Jesus after I already messed up. What if I had caused an accident? What if someone were to have hit me? What if I had gotten hurt? And then I would’ve not been able to go to work, missed money, etc.. But of course, if I had just left the house earlier I could’ve avoided this whole thing, right? Yeah, I’m working on that. But thankfully I am safe.


I immediately thought of how in life, we do things because we want to. All of the time. People can give us all kinds of warnings, red flags, “yellow lights” even that caution us to slow down and assess the situation in it’s entirety, but sometimes we don’t heed any of it… because we don’t want to. I could’ve gotten off of the couch and ended my morning music and coffee routine a few minutes early today when my Husband called, but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to.
How many times can I think of, that this was true in my life as well? Too many to name. Sometimes God speaks through people, places and things to remind us of how much he loves us, despite of the things that we have chosen to do outside of his will. I am finding that lately I find a teachable God moment in everything that I do, see, hear or think about. Today was a moment I won’t forget. When he protected me even though I didn’t slow down.


Can you think of a time when this happened to you?


Blessings and hugs.