It’s never too late..

Found this little gem in my notes from a year and a half ago. I remember exactly where I was when I wrote it. Still rings true. It’s never too late to: Start over Chase your dreams Create healthy relationships Understand God’s power Change your ways Be positive Hope Accept The Lord Make a difference … More It’s never too late..

Let it go; live!

So, I took a social media break for about 2 weeks. I was hoping that I could go longer, but hey. I won’t count it as a fail however.. Actually it was a big win. Over that time I reflected on life as a whole more, especially my last several years. Some things I’ve shared.. … More Let it go; live!

You are not alone

Originally posted on All things Growing Up:
Part of growing up is you going through various challenges in life and each one of us is going to experience such, some good and some bad. It is also important to realize that whatever it is you are battling with or struggling to voice out, you are…