Disconnect, to stay connected. 

Last week my children were baptized. I bet you didn’t know that huh? Because I chose to only share it with my close friends and family. See, what I realized is as much as  we scurry to stay connected with people via social media, some we know.. but most just barely, we have become so disconnected with what is really happening in our lives. Because we’re too busy trying to TELL everyone about what’s going on in our lives, attempting to get the perfect shot during our children’s game, family gathering, “date night”.. Or whatever else we can’t wait to post online before the event is even over. In turn, we totally miss “the moment” because we are trying to capture it, instead of live in it. 

So, last Wednesday, as my children were escorted one by one into the wade pool waiting to be immersed into the water and enter into a covenant with Christ.. I didn’t rush to grab my iPhone to record it, I stood there. Silently. I watched them; I lived in that beautiful moment as my children made one of the most important decisions of their lives.

 I took it in. All of it. I said a prayer for each of them. I smiled. I thanked God for their lives and his love for them. I cried. I enjoyed it. And from that day, I have been on a fast from social media. Spiritually and mentally, it’s freeing. I don’t know how long it will last, but I do know that it has been refreshing. So for now, I’ll stick to blogging when I want to share. Maybe I will return, one day. But until then.. I’m living in the moments with my family, and loving all of them. My question is, are you?