Daniel fasting: Social media edition-Day #4

So today I have a million things on my mind. But yet I’m still struggling with focusing only on the things that I can change, otherwise it just becomes worry. *Sigh* I began the Daniel Fast on Monday at noon. Funny thing is, I had thought about it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate.. But I had a friend who shared that she was; I figured that was God’s confirmation for me. Thank God for accountability partners, eh? I’m sure that it looks different for everyone. For me, it’s social media that I chose to fast from. 21 days of denying my flesh (or thoughts) from something that I feel like I need, so that I can focus on my relationship with Christ. Social media can be such a distraction..and not to mention so time consuming.. BUT I’m a work in progress 😃. I know it probably isn’t that important for others, but for a sometimes introverted person, it works great for me. I can see everyone’s life (or faux life lol) from a distance, interact frequently and when I don’t feel like participating anymore, I log off, right? Wrong.

In the past few days, I have had some of the best conversations with my best friends, conversed with my other girlfriends and rested, yes rested. It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like we know each other’s lives because of what we see online, but what many fail to realize (I as well sometimes) is that people share only what they choose to show you. And honestly not everyone is as transparent (or honest) as I have been known to be. So what are we really wanting to see in other’s lives? You really don’t know what people are truly experiencing unless you reach out and TALK to them. My Pastor said, “We probably spend a total of 2 years of out lives scrolling our timelines on social media”. Yikes!!I’m trying to be better. That is actually one of my many goals for this year: to connect more with my friends. Everytine I take a break from social media, I have clarity. Then I usually realize how important it is NOT! Many things are ok, if in moderation. But when they affect your interpersonal relationships AND your quiet time with God, that’s when they become a problem. That goes for most anything. Relationships, watching television, social media, phone usage, work, whatever. I’m trying to get back to where God speaks, and I hear him EVERYTIME because.. Maybe I’ve been to busy too really listen lately. Maybe.
Until next time,

Nikki ❤️


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  1. Hmm. This should be a note to self. Seriously, social media can be so time consuming and distracting. I always remind myself that what I see online might just be the bling and flash. What of the trash in their backyards? Good post Nikki.

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