Thursday morning musings of faith. 

When you stop comparing your situation, your friendships/relationships; your marriage to all of those who are around you.. That’s when you realize that God has a hand-crafted path for your life. Maybe you’ve had some detours, some setbacks, some flat out heartbreaking situations, some times when you didn’t think you would ever see your way out, but GOD! They have strengthened your faith and allowed you to be who you are today. And I don’t think that he would have it any other way. Stop looking horizontally and start looking vertically.. To him! Don’t let what is happening around you, distract you. Keep pressing, keep praying, keep waking up and thanking him for allowing you to do so. HE will give you all of the strength, all of the endurance and ALL of the fight to take you where he wants you to go. Then believe that he will! Faith and fear can not co-exist! #NextLevelFaith #2016WillBeGreater