21 days of affirmation-Day 7: Learn 

How many times have you gone through a situation and all you could focus on was how uncomfortable it was? Job loss, a break-up, financial trouble… whatever your “it” was, I’m sure that it was not what you would have wanted. But my question is: What did you learn?
God gives us free will to do whatever we please. He will not force us to do anything, but he does desire that we ask for his help in anything that we do. Preferably before we do it, I’m pretty sure of that.


If you think back to THAT thing, can you put aside the emotions of it all and think about at least one thing that you were taught from it? Has it caused you to slow down and think a bit longer before entering into similar situations? Did it cause you to look at life differently from your once perspective? What did you learn about YOU? Things that make you go hmmmm. It’s ok, everyone has an eye opening moment.
Now, what will you do with the information that you’ve learned? Will you tuck it away as a “life lesson” and keep it moving through life? Or will you share it with others, in hopes that they will not make the same mistakes? The choice is yours.
“Some things in life are lessons, and some are blessings. And sometimes you can let those lessons bless you and others. If you want them to.”

If we allow ourselves to be defined by our mistakes, they can not bless us because we’re stuck in how much they hurt us. We can’t grow if we are stuck. BUT if we change our mindset about it, we can say, “Thank you God for loving me so much that you chose to teach me that lesson”, much like an earthly parent to a child. It pains us to see our children experience things, but we know that they will eventually strengthen their character and hopefully they will be able to move through life independent of us.
Tip of the day: Think of a “growing pain” that you have learned in life and the next time you see a need in someone who is experiencing it, share your knowledge with them.
“Experience is the greatest teacher”. 
Blessings and hugs,

Nikki ❤️


2 thoughts on “21 days of affirmation-Day 7: Learn 

  1. Oh so true! Life I suppose is 90% what happens and 10% how we choose to handle it!🤕🤔
    God will allow, and I’ve learned that we must adjust our attitude during the hurt and situation. If we seek Him with all of our heart, like Jeremiah says, then we will find Him. It’s not easy to adjust our attitude when we are hurting and frustrated, but that is the time indeed that we need to seek God. I think of Joseph in the pit, and how many times that He must’ve cried out to God and asked why? We must adjust our attitude and know that God is God and knows all of His plans for us. We need to be obedient through prayer and much time in the Word. He will guide us in our decision making 🤔🙂❤️🎈🎈 Thanks for you blog😬

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