21 days of affirmation-Day 11: What about your friends?

I have never been one to have a bunch of girlfriends. I like that about myself. I have literally a handful, like 5 whom I can count on and have for many different seasons of my life. I know a lot of people, but that’s different.
Any who, as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that just like relationships, there are some people who are seasonal and some who are with you for a lifetime. Your circle of friends should be a reflection of who you are and be able to grow as you grow. Although different, they should have the same like-mindedness. God made us all different, for which we need different types of people in our lives.
I watched a video last week of Oprah Winfrey speaking of her good friend Gail. Everyone knows Gail, the friend who is ALWAYS with her, and has ALWAYS been. When asked by Barbara Walters, “what is it about Gail that makes her such a good friend?” She replied, “She is happier for me when things happen for me than I am for myself. She’s the best person I know… And I don’t think I’ve ever told her that.”
I think we as women, take for granted the  friendships/sister-ships that the closest women to us create. A bond that some may never experience, yet we don’t even tell those who give this to us, how much it helps us grow. The few women that I consider friends each have a unique place and have contributed different things when I needed them most. They have supported me through my most darkest times and continued to applaud me when I need an extra push. They’ve scolded me and set me straight, and sometimes “telling me what I wanted to hear” goes completely out of the window.
Envy doesn’t exist with us. Jealousy is foreign. And “Real talk” is our primary language. We don’t talk everyday, but we ALWAYS pick up right where we ended before.
That’s what real friends do.
I only hope that I am that to the ones who consider me a friend as well. In order to have a good friend, you must first be one.
Tip of the day: Tell your closest friends just how much they mean to you, and think of ways that you can be a better friend to someone as well.
Blessings and hugs,
Nikki ❤️