21 days of affirmation-Day 12: Check your attitude, girl. 

I know that when I started out writing these affirmations, my goal was to put out positivity to women. In hopes that we could stop the self-negative talk that causes us to doubt ourselves and not live up to who God wants us to be… But what happens when your ATTITUDE is the problem? *yikes face*
Yesterday a co-worker and I were talking about our “attitudes”. We are both young professional women. Mothers, wives, and women of color. Naturally, we have had to check our  “you-ain’t-about-to-talk-to-me-like-that” demeanor a time or two, and kill the neck roll.. quickly. We both shared how we’re trying to do better, but you know… *sigh*. We laughed as we talked about how THAT part of our flesh in still a work in progress, and then as quickly as the conversation started it ended with a “alright girl, see you later!” And giggles.
Oh, but I didn’t realize that the test would come later that evening.
As my oldest was looking for the shampoo, she insisted that it was not where I said it to be. I replied, “girl look again, I know it’s there.” Unbeknownst to me, the said shampoo bottle had been tossed with the weekly trash by my son because it was “leaking all over the floor” as he shrugged his shoulders. “What?! That was a full bottle of good shampoo!” I shreiked. It didn’t matter to me that I wasn’t the one who needed it at that time, I was more concerned about what IF I wanted to use it? Like to tomorrow, or next week?! Welp! That turned into a 5 minute lecture to my kids from me about responsibility, lack of accountability and blah, blah, blah *neck roll*, blah, blah, repeat! I’m sure I was bothered about something else beneath the surface.
I was fuming mad. But about what exactly? Shampoo?
Yep. Shampoo. Dang.
Interestingly enough, I had a conversation earlier that day with a patient, that for some unapparent reason, was upset. I’m talking about really upset, cursing, attitudinal and all. But did I return her “eye for an eye” attitude? Nope. Why? Because I was at work. That’s why. Hmmmmmm. So I could turn it off at work because I didn’t want to lose my job, but it turns back on at home? Oh snap. That’s not good.



Needless to say, I went to bed bothered over shampoo. But I woke up feeling so silly, that EVERYONE got an apology from Mom. Thankfully, they are forgiving. Very forgiving, just like God is with all of us. But that doesn’t mean that I should take their kindness and love for granted.
Just like our relationship with God. We know that he gives us free will. We know that we have the choice to act however we chose. Angrily, attudinal, flustered, acting a fool.. however. And he will forgive us, each time. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t grieve his heart in the process. Just like my family, they didn’t deserve my outburst over shampoo, God doesn’t deserve our outbursts over things that he didn’t create in our lives.
Tip of the day: Read about the “fruits of the spirit” in Galatians‬ ‭5:22-23‬ ‭NIV and use them to fix your attitude.
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”



Blessings and hugs,
Nikki ❤️‭‭


2 thoughts on “21 days of affirmation-Day 12: Check your attitude, girl. 

  1. LOL😹 We’ve all SO BEEN THERE🤔🤔 It is so hard some days🙄 We all are work in progress but recognizing our downfalls is half the battle😉
    I’m sure for a while when you all are shampooing some good thoughts will come to mind🤔 What a good example to your kids that “Mom actually apologizes too”☺️🙂❤️🎈 Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Yes, thank you!! I know that acknowledgement of the problem is the first step, and my kids know that too. We are trying our best to teach them accountability. And yes, I’m sure we will get a good laugh when the shampooing happens next haha. Thanks for reading 🙂

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