21 days of affirmation-Day 16: Rest girl! 

Nikki went to bed at 9:30 everyday this weekend. Because she hasn’t rested well.
Nikki didn’t go to the gym this week.
Nikki hasn’t practiced good self-care.
Don’t be like Nikki. Take care of yourself.

On my 1 day off, I like to read, write, journal, be a social media affidecio.. you know, relax. Not much of that has happened lately. I’ve over scheduled myself with appointments, not gone to the gym and had a later than normal bedtime. No bueno!

Self-care is a necessity. We are no good to anyone if we don’t get the proper rest, exercise and down time. We are cranky, and we are not fun. Just ask my family (sorry y’all! 😘)  Ladies, we must, MUST take care of ourselves. I know the kid’s have activities, I know you may work full-time outside of the house, I know you want to shop.. I know, I know. BUT we must wind down from the day, rest, and enjoy the things that we love to do. It rejuvenates us, revives our mind, body and spirit.

Tip of the day: Rest! When we’re good to our bodies, our bodies are good to us. You only have one. Take care of it.

Blessings and hugs,
Nikki ❤️