21 days of affirmation -Day 18: Guard your heart. 

I have a story that I’d like to share; I am going to be completely transparent, and yet brief. I feel that it may help someone.
I once loved a man who laid his hands on me, with the intent to hurt and harm me. It has forever changed me.
The man who loves me now (and always has) will ONLY lay his hands on me to pray for me when I am sad, afraid, depressed or in pain. Most of which has nothing at all to do with him.
The mere fact that he is able to love me in such a way, and the fact that I am able to receive it lets me know that God’s love is powerful, healing and real.
If I had to give one piece of advice to any woman reading this it simply would be this: You have to be careful with the situations that you allow your heart to be involved in. You have a choice to guard your heart. Although you can end an unhealthy situation, the experience will remain with you forever.
None the less, GOD is still great. All glory to him.
The end. ❤️