Faithfully Fearful

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Are you faithful to your fear?  It’s a positive attribute to be loyal to your significant other, your family or close friend but it’s dangerous to become loyal to your fears. It can become your go-to place anytime things don’t go as expected or a situation takes a turn for the worst. Being fearful can make you miss out on opportunities, misguide you into unhealthy circumstances, push you to settle in relationships, make you overthink situations, and most importantly it can aid in you losing the ability to  rely on God to guide your next steps.  Faith may seem like a hard concept to grasp yet it consists of all the things we hope for and is just one step away from our comfort zone. Become more faithful by adopting the following habits or trying the following principles:

  1. Encourage Yourself. If you find yourself in a fearful place, tell yourself this…

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