Change is good. And very necessary.

Hey you all! It’s been over a month since I’ve written a blog post. I started a new path in my nursing career, and I must say that change is good. More like GREAT! I am more certain than ever that God carefully orchestrated this entire process and it has come to fruition at this appointed time. I am SO very excited to see where he is planning to take this journey next! Any who, during this process, much change in my life has happened. Personally, spiritually, professionally, and myself as a woman. But all in all, it has been good.. Really, really good.

Today I received an email from a friend’s blog that I am subscribed to called “Faith That”. She like myself, is a young career woman of color, educated, married and raising a family. She also is very candid about how life happens to us all, but WE decide how we allow God to change us or not during the process. With her permission I chose to share her latest post entitled “Keep the Change”. I hope you enjoy it and are encouraged as I was! Please stop over and check out her blog space, Faith That as well, read her other posts, subscribe and tell her I sent ya!

Blessings and hugs,

Nikki ❤️

Keep the Change

When I’m in a restaurant (and opt to pay with cash), I tend to tell my server, “Keep the change.” Of course, I tell them this because the service was good, so they earned a tip. In all my years of dining, I’ve never had a server refuse. Not once has a server said to me, “Nah I’m good, I’ll bring you back your change.” Why? Hmmmm…maybe because that would defeat the whole purpose of them going to work?!

Funny. When God moves in our lives and changes us, we have a tendency to be the exact opposite of most restaurant servers. We try to give Him back the blessings of change. We say, “You know what God, I’ve enjoyed my miserable life, so thanks for the change, but I’ll pass.” WHAT THE WHAT?!? God lives and moves and breathes inside each and every one of us (Deuteronomy 31:6). He is working tirelessly to mature us in the Spirit (I Corinthians 6:11). That manifests itself in a variety of ways, all of which transform us (Isaiah 43:19).

One way that I can see me changing (and boy has it taken some time) is that I am quicker to listen. See, I’m naturally very defensive. And I have a strong desire to be right. All are great traits of a lawyer, but I am not a lawyer. I am a teacher. And dealing with so many personalities over the years and so many issues that my babies bring to school, I’ve learned the importance of listening before forming opinions. I can’t say I’ve mastered it. My friends and family would definitely attest to me still having a ways to go. Partially because I’m comfortable with my old self and therefore, I sometimes, accidentally, reject God’s change within me. See to listen without judgement or restrain from expressing opinions allows my spirit to be open to the one who is sharing with me. I’m able to learn from what they are saying and if I listen hard enough, I can actually see into the soul of who they are and understand how they are truly feeling. God is doing this on purpose. It is a part of His plan for me. You know…the plan to prosper me and give me hope…THAT plan!

Next time you find yourself feeling a little strange or talking a bit funny. If your heart feels softer. If your outlook seems broader. If you find yourself speaking more gently, giving more generously, or simply loving more freely, know that is God. If you are saving more than you are spending; watching something different on TV, reading more, working out more, dressing differently, the list goes on and on, know that God is MOVING. You are becoming different because God is transforming you from the inside out. So don’t reject what God is doing in you…keep the change! Be Blessed! XOXO


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