Dear depression, thank you. 

The more I speak candidly about #depression, the more I realize how necessary the conversation is.
4 months ago, I wrote a blog piece for Minority Mental health awareness month about depression in the black Christian community and how it is often dismissed. I was then asked to be a guest on a local radio station speaking about that very thing.
I began painting 3 months ago because I needed another therapeutic outlet for my anxiety and depression. Last month I started a business because of that.
A couple weeks later, I was asked to be a guest host on an online radio show, giving my personal and professional opinion about mental health and how it affects our community.
Last Saturday, I was asked to be a vendor at the annual Wife Life conference, and subsequently asked to speak about how my business was birthed. I spoke about my personal experience with depression as a Christian woman for the first time in front of an audience.
Today, I continued an ongoing conversation with an African American male patient, and told him it was ok to cry and encouraged him to seek professional help.
When I was diagnosed, I used to ask “why me?” And then I had a friend say, “why not you? You’re stronger than you think”.
I get it now.
I still have my days, but I get through them easier. With my Husband, family and friends (and therapy) I find my way back.
None of this is to glorify me, it’s only to shed light on the fact that sometimes we need to just trust the process, even when we don’t understand it.
…and with that said, I’m thankful. ❤️