Navigating through love & loss. Can they coexist?

When you are healing, you have to learn to get comfortable in being uncomfortable. That’s the only way to the other side. Deeply beautiful, raw & consuming emotions will come. Let them + process them.

That’s the only way to really heal.

The process is not linear-meaning there will be times of sadness & joy. Sometimes co-currently. People will disappoint you, people will trigger emotions in you that can cause you to get upset. And that’s ok. They are human, and so are you. Take things one day at a time. Write down your thoughts, & come back and reflect on them. Talk it out with a trusted friend and/or your therapist.

If not, you will continually suppress the deep emotions that are trying to teach you how to truly let go and be happy. And if not addressed: they will re-present themselves with other people, situations and experiences-until you are ready to move forward.

Love & loss + fear & ambition can coexist.

Just keep moving forward.

And give yourself some grace too.

Nikki ❤️