Don’t forget to look up Nikki

I had a tough past couple of weeks recently. As I was traveling last week, every time I started to have a negative or hopeless thought, I stopped and looked up. Because I love photos and capturing moments, I snapped a pic of the ceilings that were around me. & I literally said to myself aloud, “don’t forget to look up Nikki”.

I am a “church kid” by way of my Dad being a preacher and attending church at every turn because of it. As I’ve gotten older however, #church sometimes takes the backseat-although my personal relationship with the creator doesn’t. Hear me when I say, I am in no way the poster child of a perfect #Christian (if there even is one) but I do know where and whom I’ve come from and where he’s taking me… even when I can’t feel it.

Sometimes, most times, when I’m feeling #anxious or overwhelmed, when my back is up against the wall and things look bleak-I call my Dad. He will stop WHEREever he is-literally-and pray with me. Last week it was in the airport (and yes I bowed my head on Facetime lol) It makes me physically slow down + stop in my tracks and switch my thinking. Because sometimes when I don’t FEEL the spiritual balance, I begin focusing too much on what I don’t have instead of what I do.

So NOW I have developed this thing that helps me when my thoughts are swirling in the wrong way. And I feel myself looking around at the circumstances instead of who can fix them for me. I stop & literally say out loud, “don’t forget to look up Nikki”.

My message in this is-when things start to look difficult + unrelenting around you, stop, lift your head, breathe and look up. There you will find your answer. ❤️