Faith trap

yesterday was yesterday. today-I’m feeling the same. one thing I’ve learned, is that people appreciate authenticity because they can relate to the thoughts that a lot of us have-but only a few are brave enough to share.💡

the highlight reel will have you really out here pretending for folks that don’t even know who they really are & don’t even really know you. makes no sense huh?

life can be hard, being a believer can be hard (er) because people love to pretend that because they believe in a higher power-they can’t have emotions also. I don’t need any one to tell me to pray, or tell me that God is in control, or that things will work out.. as if I don’t think or do those already. I just wanna be. sad if I want. mad if I want. joyful the next moment, because that’s what I want too. you don’t need to know the details of what I’m going through, to know that I am. because the beauty of being selectively transparent is still freeing for ME💡

I am not hopeless-I am honest. there’s a huge difference. & I’m doing a great job figuring some heavy sugar-honey-iced-tea out.


2 thoughts on “Faith trap

  1. First..
    Love the title
    I despise that we are supposed to be void of emotion because we believe. God is perfectly ok with us and our emotions
    Great post!!!


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