Strength bearers. Nurturers. Exponential lovers. Unmatched. Nothing is synonymous.  In the midst of all that we possess, we have to remember to take care of what’s most important…  That woman.  You.  Be good to yourself. 

No more silence. 

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Did you know?  I’ve spoken on how this affects “us” many times before. Especially Women of color.  Please, if you have a condition, love yourself and those around you enough to seek help.  I did.  #BreakTheStigma #DepressionAwareness

#hashtag blues…

I remember a song that my Father used to play that said, “what the world needs now, is your love oh Jesus..”  That was over 20 years ago. I didn’t understand then. But I do now. Still relevant. Now more than ever.  The reality is, that we live in a fallen world. That only HE … More #hashtag blues…

Today I am 2 years old:… my blog that is. And I’m being transparent about it. 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Seems like that’s the norm these days. Busy, busy I have been! But just as I say that I have had a lot of “busyness” and little productiveness. Well, in the sense of connecting to the things that balance me: Reading, meditating, looooonnggg music listening sessions.. And you … More Today I am 2 years old:… my blog that is. And I’m being transparent about it. 

Faithfully Fearful

Originally posted on THAT WATER LOVE:
Are you faithful to your fear?  It’s a positive attribute to be loyal to your significant other, your family or close friend but it’s dangerous to become loyal to your fears. It can become your go-to place anytime things don’t go as expected or a situation takes a turn for…